Adobe Animate 2020

Author: Adobe Animate
November 5, 2019
Adobe Animate Version 20.0 is live. Please update your copy of Animate to the latest using the new Creative Cloud desktop application.

Key Features include
1. The new on-boarding, Home and Learn experience
2. New Hands-on Tutorials
3. Updated Timeline including Hand tool functionality, Reducing onion skin opacity based on number of keyframes when in ‘keyframes only’ mode, refreshed icons,
4. Single click access to Graphic loop options in PI and Quick action section for Frame PI
5. Support for active layer faucet mode in Eraser tool
6. Updated Publish settings to use High bit rate and best quality audio for the swf and video output
7. No jittery rotation anymore with motion tween
8. Updates to workspace management
9. Support for Harman Adobe AIR SDK with x64 bit Android publishing
10. UI fine tuning and loads of bug fixes
Tags: Adobe, Canvas

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