Sprite Sheets in Tumult Hype 4 Professional

Author: Tumult Hype
June 10, 2019
This video covers importing three types of sprite sheets in Tumult Hype 4 Professional:
– A sequence of images
– A precomposed sprite sheet
– An Animated GIF

If you’re looking to export a series of images from a Tumult Hype document, you can easily export a PNG sequence of images by selecting File – Export as Video – PNG Sequence. More info here: https://tumult.com/hype/documentation…

Learn more about Sprite Sheets in Tumult Hype 4: https://tumult.com/hype/documentation…

Learn more about Hype: https://tumult.com/hype/

Tags: DOM, GIF, HTML5, Hype, Sprite Sheets

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